Slime Hacks

I got some requests for this post, and i was just as excited! 
How to fix hard slime:
Put your hard slime  in the microwave for exactly ten seconds. It is pretty much magic.✨

How to make slime stretchy:
Before i found this hack, i was kinda lost. Put lotion in your slime. 💥 Its perfect...

This one was the most wanted.....What activators to use: 
I have wasted lots of glue on some "magic" activators. Here are the ones that work:
Tide. This slime will turn very hard and rubbery if you leave it out for too long.
Borax. Put one teaspoon of borax* in very warm water. Then stir until disolved. Heres a link for *Borax*.  Contact solution. This is practically the same thing as borax, but a little more common.
(Gain is the only other detergent you can use)

What activators not to use:
Fabric softener
Plain borax
Baking soda

I hope you found this helpful!
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  1. Best. Post. EVER!! Thx for the baking soda tip, that really helped my frustrated brain lol

  2. Your welcome. I am not positive about disolving it in water, but i will get back to you when i try it!


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