D.I.Y Basic Slime

So I have will have a bunch of SUPER cool slime recipes on this blog, so heres a basic recipe i love. It is so stretchy and soft! Like nobody has Borax, Contact solution, or shaving cream and i searched EVERYWHERE for a decent recipe. I finally found one and tweaked it a little to make it so perfect! I hope you like it!

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You can also use clear glue. Either is amazing!
๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜
{What you'll need!}
Tide laundry detergent (it is so weird, i tried other brands it it turned out sooo liquidly and definitely not slime!)
Basic Glue (i used Elmers school glue)
Acrylic Paint (optional)
A plastic cup and a plastic bowl
Baking soda and water. 

Poor some glue into a plastic cup. Mix well. Now add a tiny bit of Tide, and keep adding a little at a time until it reaches the exact consistency of your favorite slime. Now poor some of your favorite colored acrylic paint to your slime. Mix until all the paint is totally dissolved into your slime! Now mix your baking soda and water to make a liquidly paste. Pour a little bit onto your slime. This step is optional, but it helps a lot with making it not so sticky. And Bam! Your basic slime is done!